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Food Safety and Quality

Food Safety

The importance of Food Safety is best described by the old proverb: “We are what we eat” At PCR Corp. we are knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about strategising, developing, implementing and maintaining efficient Food Safety programs.

  • GMPs / Food Safety / HACCP Development , Implementation & Training
  • Development and custom design of the Related Policies and Procedures with adequate Training
  • Supplier & Third Party Auditing Expertise
  • Cost Reduction; New product/processes development for Retail and Food Services/SR & ED Program
  • Project Management
  • The Food Safety certification is not the end but rather the beginning of a long journey!

    Food Quality

    Quality Control Systems provide measurement and enforcement of the Quality Assurance Systems to achieve and maintain consistency and safety of products. Our goal is to produce well planned and effective procedures that will allow our client to
    guarantee the suitability, reliability, consistency, quality and safety of the products to meet the competitive edge.
    Our approach will include:

  • Gap assessment
  • Mapping, Charting and Development
  • Strategic Planning -Mission Statement, Vision and Company Objectives
  • Training, implementation and Program Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting and rectifying
  • Development and implementation of integrated Quality Assurance and Quality
    Control Systems (TQM)